Lars Björndahl

“Many thanks for an interesting and well organized meeting! Besides my presentation I met many to have interesting discussions with.”

Evanthia Diamanti Kandarakis

“Dear ALL!! Thank you for All Great Meeting!!!with fascinating topics and speakers!! And.. Great evening =(great people+great food+great mood!)=great memories! Thank you”

Joyce Harper

“Thank you for looking after me so well. All the transportation worked perfectly. I had a wonderful time in Poland.”

Colin M Howles

„I just wanted to thank you and your colleagues for assistance during my stay and making it a very fruitful few days. I very much enjoyed the meeting and also the social events! It was a great opportunity to meet up with you, the faculty and also invited speakers. I look forward to being able to visit Warsaw again in the near future!”

Candido Tomas

„Thank you for all the arrangements, it was great to talk with several friends and their experiences. Also it was a pleasure meeting you. Wish you all the best nd see you around”

Juha & Päivi Tapanainen

“Thank you so much for the interesting and well organized meeting, and your wonderful hospitality and company in Warsaw. We really enjoyed the days there.”

Basak Balaban

“İ hope you’re well after an extensive preperation period of a successful meeting. İ wanted to thank you and all organizers who contributed to the past meeting which was very successful and professional. İt was a great pleasure and priviledge for me to be invited and have the opportunity of meeting with nice, humble Polish colleagues.İ thank you for all your efforts and hope to meet you at another meeting.”

Howard and Dorit Carp

Just a short line to say thank you for the meeting in Warsaw. Dorit and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. The lectures were excellent and of superb scientific standard. The social occasions were fantastic.