Actions in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic situation


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Dear All,

In accordance with the current recommendations of Chief Sanitary Inspector, Ministry of Development, INFARMA and the existing regulations, we want to inform that the currently valid safety procedures against SARS-CoV-2 infections will be implemented during the conference.

Actions in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic situation

  1. Participants' rooms, conference and exhibition space will be ozonized,
  2. Mandatory hand disinfection - non-contact disinfection stations will be located near to the reception and the entrance to the conference room,
  3. A disinfection mat will be placed at the entrance,
  4. Participants will have temperature measured before entering the conference room,
  5. Safe distances between the places for participants will be kept,
  6. Reception desk and common areas regular disinfection,
  7. Mandatory use of masks and personal protective equipment by participants, conference staff, organizers (when someone forgets the mask, it will be available at the reception).

Direct contact

If you need help, have any questions about participation or conference’ precautions, please contact us by phone: +48 608 709 875 or by e-mail

Useful informations

We recommend you following the information on the website in order to avoid false information. Detailed informations HERE

If you experience disturbing symptoms on the day of Conference (such as high fever, cough and dyspnoea), please stay at home, inform the Conference Organizers, contact the NFZ hotline 800 190 590, or or use the finder for an infectious disease hospital or GIS facility If your health deteriorates, please call 999 or 112 and report your symptoms.

We constantly monitor the situation and ensure that all necessary and up-to-date safety rules will be implemented. We will make every effort to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable at our conference.

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