• Wide possibilities of presenting yourself,
  • your achievements and research and getting to know other points of view,
  • Acquire information about current scientific activity,
  • Establishing research cooperation with the scientific community,
  • Providing knowledge and inspiration in the field of prophylaxis and treatment of infertility with techniques that medically support procreation,
  • Establishing research cooperation with the scientific community,
  • Networking possibilities,
  • Being up to date in the scientific world,
  • Ambition stimulation,
  • New inspirations,
  • Improving scientific workshop,
  • Access to unpublished scientific researches,
  • Better understanding the mechanisms of work in the profession,
  • Entitlion to get CM,
  • Meeting people from the industry,
  • Meeting world-famous authorities,
  • Possibilities to find partners to cooperation,
  • Great opportunity to find out about the latest developments on the pharmaceutical and medical market,
  • Opportunity to discuss and dispel doubts,
  • Meeting new places and people, 
  • Expanding horizons,
  • Bringing experiences, contacts and new ideas,
  • Understanding current trends.
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