Young Scientists/Poster Session


Head of Young Scientits Oral Communications and Poster Session

Prof. dr hab. n. med. Waldemar Kuczyński

Head of Young Scientits Oral Communications and Poster Session


of the best abstracts in Poster Session 2017:

Rebeka Einenkel
Milena Doroszko
Gabriela Sokołowska


This session is a unique opportunity for young  scientists to present their achievements and results in front of a world-class specialists – lecturers and participants of the conference. Participation in the session is an opportunity to establish valuable international contacts, which is why we particularly recommend it to people who are focused on developing a career in the international arena.

We cordially invite young scientists below 35 years old to participate in this session.



Poster Session

We invite you to participate in the poster session. Your submission should include your own research and its results; case reports that provide novel insights to clinical practice are also acceptable.

 To apply please submit an abstract containing a brief introduction to the presented study containing description of the methods used and results summary with a short conclusion. For more details please see Technical Guidelines below. After the acceptance of abstract proposal the participants of the poster session make posters on their own, according to the guidelines of the organizer. 

 Abstract should be sent by e-mail to the Scientific Council of the Nationwide Centre for Research, Education and Monitoring of Fertility Problems:


Technical guidelines

How to prepare proposals for Young Scientists Oral Communications Session and/or Poster Session?


Form of an abstract:
  • The abstract should contain a maximum of 250 words (including numbers and special characters).
  • Font: Arial, size 10, line spacing: 1.0.
The proposal should contain:
  • Title of the presentation/poster, authors’ names and affiliations – be sure to indicate presenting author and provide his e-mail address.
  • Introduction, material and methods (or treatment if poster pertains to case report), results, conclusions.
You are welcome to submit more than one abstract of poster and/or presentation.

How to prepare presentations for Young Scientists Oral Communications Session?


Presentation structure – scientific presentation should consist of the following parts:
  • title slide with author(-s) name(-s) and affiliation(-s)
  • materials and methods
  • results
  • conclusions
  • bibliography
  • acknowledgements (optional)


How to prepare posters for Poster Session?

Posters will be presented on 55″ LED Full HD TV Screens. Please prepare your poster in 1920×1080 resolution and make sure that font used is easily readable.

Purpose of the scientific poster:
  • Posters aim is to encourage discussion among its authors and the viewers. Studies have shown that the viewers’ reception of the poster is better when it contains both graphic elements (illustrations, charts, diagrams, photos) and text.
  • The content of a poster should be brief but sufficient to understand the presented material without a need for further explanation from the author.
  • The general principle of preparation of a scientific poster is „the less, the better.” Try to use bullets and short sentences and take care of transparent setup of presented material.
Poster structure – scientific poster should consist of the following parts:
  • Title of the poster, authors names and their affiliations
  • Materials and methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Bibliography (no more than three entries)
  • Acknowledgements (optional)